Vote Klass


Thank you.

  Dear Friends,

I am writing you to inform you of my plans to run for the vacancy on the Court of Appealscreated by the appointment of Justice Jim Wynn to the federal Court. The good Lord has given me an opportunity to continue my pursuit for a seat on the Court of Appeals. Thanks toJustice Wynns departure, there will be an election for his seat on November 2, 2010. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for since the May primary. I hope I can count on you for your continued support. At this time I do not know who will be my opposition. Also, theState Board of Elections has not yet determined the filing period.

These are two of the main reasons I am asking for your support now. Would you please contact everyone you can in order that I can gain as much support as possible? I learned a valuable lesson from my primary loss which was the hard truth that these elections are won or lost in the metropolitan areas. That does not mean I will not campaign in the rural areas, but I plan to devote a majority of my time to the larger cities. If you know of anyone in the larger cities, would you please contact them and ask them to contact their friends, relatives and associates, to cote for me on November 2nd? I am not very computer literate, but I understand the best way to communicate is throughFacebook or email contacts. This would be the fastest and most affordable way to spread the word. The number of contacts you can make on my behalf is going to be crucial due to the limited amount of money I have to spend on this campaign, which is going to be a true grassroots campaign.

Again, thanks for being there for me in the past and I hope I can count on you again. If you would like to help with my campaign or know someone else who would, please contact me at, or call 336-250-4040, or visit my website, If you know of any events that would be beneficial for me to attend, please contact me with that information. I hope to post dates and information on my site as the election progresses.